Powerful Kalu Bear

Once upon a time there lived a bear in a forest, whose name was Kalu, he was very powerful, he had the power to understand the language of humans and that bear ruled in that forest.

The lion could not speak anything in front of him because that Kalu bear was very powerful. Once what happened that Kalu bear was very proud of his powers.

And he used to rule the animals of the forest but he also had to rule over the humans, so he went out in the morning to the human settlement and it was evening and he reached the human settlement.

Many people slept in the village on a lot, but there was a small hut outside the village, in which there were an old man and his daughter and they also had a donkey which used to feed them.

The donkey carried the goods of the people of the village and transported them to another village, but they used to get money from him, but his donkey was also ill for a few days when the daughter of the old man went to the doctor to get the donkey medicine

Powerful Kalu Bear

After some time, the sarpanch of the village came and said to the old man, Babaji has some of my belongings which have to be transported to another village. There is a great need. If you deliver, then I am ready to give you the amount that you will ask for.

But the old man was blind but after hearing the name of any amount he stood up and said to the sarpanch, you go, I deliver your goods, the old man got up and went to the tap to wash his mouth, when the Kalu bear was coming from there.

Turning around, he felt hungry when the hut showed Kalu bear making a donkey, he ran and ate that donkey.

Not afraid Kalu bear was just thinking, all the old man picked up his stick and considering Kalu bear as a donkey, dropped 2 poles and pulled it and put it on top of Kalu bear with sarpanch baggage and it was very heavy.

Kalu was unable to carry the goods with the bear and had to deliver the goods quickly to the other village, so how could the old man kill the Kalu bear with the help of poles and quickly reached another village after reaching the second village of the sarpanch

The old man reached the sarpanch’s house with the goods when the Kalu bear started thinking that it is not his power to rule over humans and he turned back and ran towards the forest at a rapid pace.

Then the old man came out and asked some people, brother, was my donkey here, where did a man say you are blind, did he not bear the donkey and he ran towards the forest very fast, hearing that the old man got emotional.

And came to his house and told his daughter all the things. Hearing this, the daughter of the old man said, “Never mind, father, we can buy a lot of asses with the money we have received. The dream of a bear is broken”

And he never turned and went towards the human settlement and the desire to rule him also ended