Cat Aunt – Bedtime Stories

Once upon a time, there were a lot of animals living in a forest, there used to be a cat aunt among the same animals, all animals believed the cat aunt very heartily.

Once the cat aunt was out in search of food in the forest, then she came to the forest, the lion king, and took two animals. When the cat aunt reached her house, all the animals reached the cat aunt

And the cat aunty told the whole thing, the cat aunt was very scared to hear this, only then the next day Sherkhan came again and picked up the two animals again.

Call in your meeting and tell everyone that if this continues, then in 1 day all the animals of the forest will be finished, what will happen after that, we should do one thing by calling Sher Khan

It should be mentioned that every single animal will go to their cave every day, thus there will be no shortcomings of the animals. All the animals agreed with the talk of the cat. Cat aunty went to meet the lion king of the forest.

And tell me the whole story, Sherkhan, the king of the jungle was happy and said, “Okay, but I agree, but if any animal does not come any day, then after that day I will kill all the animals every day.”

Cat Aunt

Cat aunty said that this will never happen, every day the same animals start going to Sher Khan’s cave, then the day of cat aunt too, cat aunt list, if I go to Sher Khan, then Sherkhan will kill me and eat

I do this job today, I have to die today, so why not walk around and walk comfortably, and the cat aunty was moving very slowly, walking slowly, only then Sherkhan was hungry here in the afternoon

When the cat aunt came near the cave, Sherkhan said angrily how are you so late today, you are probably saying that I have food, then the cat auntie said that Sherkhan was coming to you.

Suddenly another lion came and started saying that I will eat you. I told you the whole thing, yet he was not letting me come. I have come to my rescue, then Sherkhan got angry and said

Take the lion to that lion, then the cat’s aunt took Sherkhan to a well and said to Sherkhan it is within this well Sherkhan when he peeped inside the well, he saw his shadow

Sherkhan shouted as the sound echoed in the well, Sherkhan immediately jumped into the well and Sher Khan died by drowning in the well. When the cat aunt returned to her forest, all the animals were stunned.

How did it come alive when the cat aunty told the whole thing to all the animals, all the animals were very happy to hear this and made the cat aunt the king of the forest.

So, how was the story, friends will definitely tell us by commenting, thank you very much for giving your precious time to all my friends?

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